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PUWER Inspections. // Making sure your plant and equipment are safe.


Equipe provides Competent Persons to carry out PUWER Inspections for dynamic sampling drilling rigs.

We can help you stay certified and compliant.

We can complete PUWER Inspections on any site across the UK and provide signed, certified, digital certificates for your records almost instantaneously.

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What is PUWER?

Geotechnical drilling rigs are subject to the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

All pieces of plant and equipment are subjuct to PUWER Inspections, and these should be carried out on an annual basis, or more often when being used in arduious working enviroments. The regulations aim to make sure that all equipment used on site is: suitable for the intended use, maintained regularly to ensure safety, used only be adequately trained workers and inspected by a competent assessor.

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Providing annual PUWER Inspections across the UK.

Inspection Location.

You come to us: Equipe Offices

We can complete PUWER Inspections on all of your dynamic sampling rigs and equipment at our own offices.

Bringing rigs and equipment to us can be extremely advantageous, especially if you combine your PUWER Inspections with SPT Calibrations which we can also carry out.

If you require Inspections urgently, please contact us as soon as possible.

We come to you: On-site Inspections

We know how costly it can be to remove rigs and equipment from working sites. Considering this, why not let us come to you?

Subject to a standard mobilisation fee, our experienced engineers can travel to all corners of the UK to complete the Inspections and can provide instant feedback to the site staff. This not only saves you the cost of removing equipment and crew from site, but allows you to continue your valuable investigation with minimum disruption.

We can also combine this PUWER Inspection visit with an On-Site Audit or an SPT Calibration for your rig.

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Yearly Reminder.

In order to comply with PUWER the drilling rig must be annual inspected by a competent person.

We know how busy day-to-day management of geotechnical contracts can be, so we are more than happy to offer yearly reminders for plant and equipment that are due for Inspection.

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