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COVID-19 UPDATE - 1st July 2020

Dear customer, The Equipe team are pleased to announce that after an extremely busy development period, we are now able to return to classroom-based training.

We will now be opening our training facilities back up to deliver in-person training courses. The courses will have reduced delegate numbers in order to facilitate appropriate social distancing measures, and we have added extra increased hygiene facilities and sanitising stations to minimise the potential for any disease transmission.

Online courses will still be offered if and when required and bespoke online courses can be arranged and delivered via the Zoom Video Conferencing platform – please contact us for further details on this. All upcoming dates for our courses can be found here.

We are also delighted to announce the launch of a new on-demand online training venture called GEO Academy. The platform features a number of short-form, modular technical courses that are available to customers anytime, anywhere. Please visit geoacademy.co.uk to immerse yourself in the future of geotechnical training.

Our main office is now back open and we are also still able to carry out SPT Calibrations, LOLER Inspections and other on-site assessments.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.
Julian Lovell & Keith Spires, Directors, Equipe Group

Bespoke Training Packages. // Helping you develop.


Do you have multiple staff members in need of training? Do you want to save on the associated travel and accomodation costs? We can help. Let us come to you.

We appreciate the ever-evolving nature of the geotechnical industry and thus, provided that availability isn't an obstacle, we can often work around your busy timetable.

Training staff members and keeping up-to-date with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can sometimes be tricky to programme into constantly changing schedules. However, often a bespoke day or days of training for multiple staff members can reduce the difficultly of rotating staff to release them for attendance on open courses.

Rather than juggling diary dates for multiple members of staff, our Bespoke Training Packages can provide a convenient solution allowing the training and education to come to you.

When our training experts come to you, not only can it provide a cost saving in terms of accomodation and travel for your staff, the courses and seminars can also be tailored to suit your particular needs.
For example, if you require a Soil Description Workshop for a group of engineers and have a particular strata or specific soil samples that you would like to be included in the practical description workshop, we can easily adapt and accomodate such requests.

This adaptability ensures that you get the maximum benefit from our specialist geotechnical trainers for your specific needs.

If you require a bespoke course urgently, please contact us as soon as possible. Provided that we have availability and your venue choice is suitable, we can arrange delivery in a timely manner.

Request a Bespoke Training Package


Suitable Facilities

In order to provide effective and appropriate training, we require a suitable classroom environment to deliver presentations and workshops/learning exercises. The minimum requirement for this would be a table and chair for all attending delegates to work at, plus a projector/screen combination or a large television for presentation purposes.

Certain courses (particularly the Soil Description Workshop and Rock Description Workshop) involve practical demonstrations which can get messy. Considering this, a suitable, preferably seperate area is required for any samples to be handled in order to keep the classroom area clean.

Other courses also require an appropriate outdoor area to carry out practical demonstrations and assessments - please contact us for each courses' specific requirements.

Delegate Numbers

Most of our courses require a minimum of 6 delegates and have a maximum of 12 in order to ensure the best possible learning experience for all in attendance.

Required and acceptable delegate numbers can differ from course to course. Please get in touch to discuss delegate numbers.

Training Cost

Fees vary from course to course. A Bespoke Training Package can often present great savings on travel and accomodation costs, with your fees covering just our trainer's mobilisation fee as opposed to multiple travel and accomodation outlays for staff attending open courses.

Some package fees operate on a per-delegate fee whilst others are a set, flat day-rate.

Accurate pricing and quotes can only be obtained after training dates and location have been confirmed, however we are able to offer ball-park figures for cost and budgetary analysis.

For an accurate quote, please contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to assist.

Our Standard Courses.

Other Available Courses.

CDM 2015

Manual Handling Awareness

Site Safety and Management

Specifying Site Investigations

Dynamic Sampling Training

Pagani Penetrometer Training

Unrivalled experience

We have been the only dedicated geotechnical training company since 2008 and can tailor any course to suit your needs.

If you require a bespoke course urgently, please contact us as soon as possible. Provided that we have availability and your venue choice is suitable, we can arrange delivery in a timely manner.

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