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BDA Audit. // Helping to comply with British Standards.


Equipe are approved assessors for the British Drilling Association (BDA) Audit which conforms to the latest Audit requirements under both the CDM 2015 Regulations and BS EN 22475 Parts 2 and 3.

We can help you prove your on-going competency as drilling operatives.

We can complete a BDA Audit on any site across the UK and provide signed, certified, digital certificates for your records almost instantaneously.

Audits need to be booked through the BDA, however we are able to provide more information if required.

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What is the BDA Audit?

The BDA Audit looks in depth at a drilling operative's current competence, their rig and equipment, their methods of work, and ensures that legislative requirements are adhered to, including both PUWER and LOLER regulations. It is available for all members of a drill crew.

The BDA Audit is robust and wide ranging, requiring full compliance to all relevant technical standards and health, safety and environmental legislation to achieve the all-important Pass.

Each Auditee is Audited only in their identified role by highly trained and experienced Auditors. The Audit takes place on an operational working site where the Auditor is able to assess all aspects of the Auditee's work. The Audit is mainly carried out through observation but some interaction will be required with the Auditee.

The Audit looks in depth at the individual's current competence, their rig and equipment. Legislative requirements feature heavily. It is available for all members of a drill crew, whether Lead Driller or Driller (Drilling Support Operative) and in all drilling disciplines.

Sample image of a BDA Audit Card for a Lead Driller

The are two card types: Blue for Lead Drillers and Yellow for Drilling Support Operatives. An example of a Lead Driller card is shown above.

Other Audit requirements include:

If you are in need of assistance with PUWER Inspections and Thorough Examinations and certifications, we can help.

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The Audit delivers a scheme that confirms Lead Drillers and Drilling Support Operatives are competent to carry out their work productively and safely.

Why do I need an Audit?

The Audit satisfies British and European Standards (BS 22475-2 and 3), the ICE UK Specification for Ground investigation and Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) with regard to the need to prove the on-going annual competency of drilling operatives.

Essentially, as a drilling operative, if you are not Audited by a qualified, experienced assessor every 12 months, you are not compliant with current British and European Standards and are more liable to legal action should anything go wrong on a site you are working on.

Alongside provind competence, the benefits of undertaking a BDA Audit include satisfying tender specifications and provides third party evidence of their employees' capabilities and safety. Clients who, under CDM, need to prove the competence of a drilling workforce simply need to put the criteria for the Audit in their specification.

Who assesses Audits and where do they do it?

We come to you: On-site Audits

Audits must be carried out on working sites to ensure they are a true reflection of an operative's regular working environment.

Audits are carried out by highly experienced assessors from the drilling industry and take half a day.

During the course of this half-day, should any non-conformances be identified, the individual undertaking the Audit and their employer will be made aware immediately. Following this they will have to resolve and close these non-conformances out within a set time period (not exceeding 28 days from the audit date) before an Audit card is issued.

Failure to comply and rectify any non-conformances will result in withdrawal of the BDA Audit card and loss of BDA Audited status.

Yearly Reminder.

In order to comply with CDM 2015 Regulations and BS EN 22475 Parts 2 and 3, Audits must be carried out every 12 months in order to prove on-going competency.

We know how busy day-to-day management of geotechnical contracts can be, so we are more than happy to offer yearly reminders for your BDA Audit.

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