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Casagrande UK

Casagrande UK is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Casagrande Spa of Italy, a company with over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing machines and equipment for the ground engineering industry, known world wide for high performance and reliability. Casagrande UK is also the sole UK and Ireland distributor for equipment manufactured by Hutte, Eurodrill (Germany), Hany and Emde.



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Aquaread Ltd is the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of portable and fixed multiparameter water quality testing instruments. Their manufacturing is performed in the UK to achieve the highest quality and their instruments are used all over the world. Applications for their instruments include the monitoring of surface water, ground water and waste water quality along with accurate water level in ground water boreholes for example.

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CompAir is a global manufacturer of road towable diesel compressors, with over 200 years' experience. Offering a comprehensive range, from single tool towable compressors, for general groundworks, through to 400-950cfm compressors, for drilling and piling applications. Their flow range covers 35 – 953 cfm at pressures up to 24 bar. They take pride in finding a solution for your compressed air demands, and have been trusted for many years for delivering on our promises. They can supply compressed air wherever it is needed! Their product range includes the patented Turboscrew compressors. With flows from 700-953cfm, and pressures from 7 to 24 bar, the Turboscrew range provides the ideal solution to borehole, drilling, piling and ground exploration applications. Weighing under the 3500kg towing limit, this range is on a fast tow chassis, allowing it to be towed behind a heavy duty 4x4 vehicle. It also utilises patented bi-turbo technology, which allows for vast fuel savings, of up to 35% against its nearest competition. Trust CompAir to deliver you the ultimate portable compressor!

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Robertson Geologging

Robertson Geologging (RG) pioneered the development of slim-hole, digital borehole logging systems and techniques. Now, as probably the largest global supplier of wireline conveyed, slim-hole logging equipment, RG provides logging instrumentation and onsite logging services to every continent, with extensive field experience in the geotechnical, mining, water, environmental and oil/gas sectors. The company is majority owned by OYO Corporation of Japan and enjoys the technical and organisational benefits of this international geoscience group. RG headquarters in North Wales house the design, development and main assembly capability, with on-site test facilities, including a borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves.

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Tutex is a provider of innovative safe excavation tools. They specialise in keyhole excavation products such as vacuum excavators, concrete coring units and air excavation hand tools. They are the exclusive UK distributer for leading US tool manufacturers Vector Vacuums, Vac-con, and Air-Spade, as well as offering products from Canadian specialists Utilicor. Whatever your needs, Tutex can tailor your order to suit you. They offer a bespoke service, acting as a liaison between you and the manufacturers to find the perfect solution for your precise requirements, criteria or issues.



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Borehole Solutions

Borehole Solutions Limited provide a comprehensive service to carry out detailed Geotechnical & Site Investigations to the highest standard throughout the UK to suit your requirements. With a diverse range of drilling rigs and equipment at their disposal, dovetailed with experienced, highly trained Engineers & Site Staff; they can tailor a Site Investigation to your specific needs. Their professional, dynamic, enthusiastic management team have just shy of 50 years' experience between them which also encapsulates all infrastructures, complying with the highest degree of industry compliance and health & safety without compromising quality or productivity.

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FlyThru Ltd is dedicated to the collection of aerial data to support professional commercial operations. With in excess of 20 years manned and unmanned aviation experience the team are dedicated to provide data that meets the client's needs. The team have worked with many surveyors and architects and supported forensic teams and construction specialists using their UAV LiDAR and photogrammetry platforms to create groundbreaking models. They continue to push the boundaries of UAV technology and enjoy taking on the challenges that new customers bring.

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Geoterra are geospatial engineers and consultant chartered land surveyors who specialise in above and below ground geo-referenced surveys. They work very closely with consultant engineers, contractors and drilling operators in the civil engineering and building sectors to provide a high quality service to clients and have almost 40 years' experience working on major infrastructure projects. Geoterra utilise a variety of innovative solutions to obtain accurate survey data upon which engineering decisions can be made and help in reducing the risk of the unknown; what lies beneath. They offer their clients unique solutions for their various requirements throughout the UK. They also provide expert witness services for construction litigations and are often called upon to give independent advice as consultant engineers and surveyors.

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