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Pagani Penetrometer Rigs are new to the UK market, and Equipe Training are the sole provider of training for the rigs. Pagani Penetrometer rigs can be configured by request for dynamic penetrometric tests, static penetrometric tests, or both - thus they are invaluable to companies undertaking CPT or CPTu work.

Equipe Training are able to offer a full training programme for anyone that wishes to get to grips with the use of such an adaptable and revolutionary rig. With a Pagani CPTu rig among Equipe drilling rig fleet, we are also happy to demonstrate the rig's functions at our training facilities in Banbury.

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With a number of highly experienced drillers amongst Equipe Training's team, we are able to offer bespoke drilling rig training for any rig currently in the UK market. Whether you require training for a Cable Percussion, Rotary, Dynamic Sampling, Sonic or Window Sampling Rig, we are happy to provide our services. Naturally we can not offer to train you to 'become a driller', a skill that requires years of experience and know-how, but we can provide training on how to safely operate all drilling operatus. From using the equipment safely and securely following health and safety guidelines to maintaining you rig, we can ensure that you are thoroughly versed in operating drilling plant, as well as the techniquies used in different forms of drilling.

Training packages are bespoke and tailored to your needs. If you are just starting out in the drilling world, or you are a seasoned driller looking to sharpen up on certain aspects of on-site work, we can offer services to help you.

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