Our History

History of Equipe Logos

Equipe was established in 2008 by three of the UK's leading senior managers in the field of geotechnics and drilling - Julian Lovell, Peter Reading and Keith Spires. All three are passionate about the industry that they have dedicated their working lives to. Initially, their main purpose was to become an independent, professional and comprehensive provider for vocational training, testing and continual assessment for the drilling and geotechnical industries. Throughout 2008 and 2009, Equipe Training Ltd provided such a service and continues to deliver their service it to all stakeholders in the industry: from educational establishments (i.e. schools, colleges and universities), through consultants and clients, to contractors.

In 2009, following the successful establishment of Equipe Training, the company branched out into other business ventures, namely the creation of The Drilling Academy and the introduction of Geotechnica to the drilling and geotechnical sectors. In addition to The Drilling Academy and Geotechnica, Equipe also began to develop innovative products to introduce to the industry, with development of the first prototype of KeyLogbook – born through a partnership with Keynetix. KeyLogbook was to become the spearhead product for the birth of Equipe's next venture – Equipe Geosolutions.

With the overwhelming success of Geotechnica 2009 driving them forward, Equipe continued to grow into 2010. The year saw Geotechnica grow further, attracting more visitors and exhibitors than the previous year. However, as the drilling and geotechnical industries began to really feel the pinch of the recession, Equipe began to branch out into other fields of development for the industry, bringing SPT Calibration Tests and LOLER Inspections to the forefront of necessities for the drilling industry. These were to become services offered at a discount by The Drilling Academy, as well as Auditing and expert Technical and Health and Safety Advice. The company also began to take on a greater responsibility in assessment of NVQ candidates for Land Drilling, Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities, as well as Occupational Working Supervision.

As KeyLogbook began to pick up sustained interest and support, Equipe created a new Limited company to not only back KeyLogbook's promotion and continued development, but also the creation of new, innovative products into the industry – Equipe Geosolutions Ltd. By the time 2011 and the year's Geotechnica came around, Equipe launched their newest Geosolutions product – Corebox. This, coupled with the launch of a concept e-magazine titled theGeotechnica, as well as the creation of DrillShop.co.uk, further diversified and strengthened Equipe's catalogue of services.

2012 was a year of evolution for Equipe. Due to the ever expanding nature of the company, it became increasingly difficult to keep tabs on the various areas of business. Thus the Equipe Group was formed - an umbrella, holding-group for all of the services offered by Equipe. The introduction of the Equipe Group name, coupled with a revamp of marketing collateral and company image, is now seeing Equipe move into a new era of successful business - across all spectrums of the Geotechnical and Drilling sectors.

Currently, Equipe are committed to assisting the stabilisation of the skill base within the drilling and geotechnical industry, whilst also creating innovative new products that aim to save both time and money for all areas of the sector. This is all continued with a view to improving the status of our industry and encouraging more bright and talented people into the team.