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Course Outline

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This one day geotechnical training course is delivered by the UK's leading Soil and Rock Description expert, Professor David Norbury, and will bring delegates up to speed on the changes within the Standards and provide a detailed approach to soil description practices and techniques. The British Standards (Codes) under which investigations in the UK have been carried out continue to incorporate and mirror the European Standards. UK practice has changed to meet these new requirements and practitioners will learn about them and how to follow compliant soil logging techniques within this course.

The workshop will comprise a series of lectures on the current Standards, logging and descriptive processes followed by practical sessions describing soil samples.

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Course Contents

- Introduction to current British Standards

- Impact on Existing Codes and Changes to Practice

- Description of Coarse Soils

- Practical – Coarse Soils (Sands & Gravels)

- Description of Fine Soils

- Practical – Fine Soils (Clays & Silts)

- Description of Organic and Man Made Soils

- Practical - Organic and Man Made Soils


At the end of the course the delegates should be able to:

- Understand the requirements of the British Standards

- Distinguish between fine, coarse, man-made and organic soils

- Carry out a compliant and consistent description of soils

- Understand the effect of the drilling process on sample quality

- Understand the provenance and determine how representative a sample is

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at graduates, new entrants to the industry and practitioners seeking a refresher to enable comprehensive engineering logging of soils. The course is equally relevant to those logging trial pits, boreholes, exposures or samples in the laboratory.

Course Cost: £275 + VAT per delegate.
(includes Professor David Norbury's Soil and Rock Description Workbook)

Course Location: Equipe Training Offices, Banbury.