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Course Outline

This one day geotechnical training course comprises a comprehensive one day overview of the complete process involved in Geotechnical Laboratory Testing from sampling through to interpretation.

The course provides guidance on scheduling and sampling requirements including sample types and sizes and revised regimes to comply with the current British Standards. Parameters obtained from testing will also be considered with respect to their appropriateness for use in geotechnical design. During the day some typical laboratory testing equipment will be used to carry out tests and to give a greater understanding of how the tests are conducted. Through the day we shall be looking at the tests often specified, consider the information required by the laboratory to carry out the tests, how the results are calculated and what to expect and look for in the results.

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Course Contents

- Why test?

- Classification tests

- Earthworks testing

- Strength testing

- Settlement and Permeability testing

- Basic chemical testing for soil properties

- Specialist testing

The relationship of various parameters with each other will also be studied.


At the end of the course the delegates should be able to:

- Identify appropriate samples for particular tests

- Understand the limitations of tests

- Understand why and which testing would be most appropriate

- Have an appreciation of how to schedule laboratory tests

- Understand why it is important to determine an appropriate and structured testing regime

- Recognize accuracy of results

- Have an appreciation of what the results mean and how they are obtained

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at all Geologists, Engineers and Field Technicians who are or may become involved with sampling, specifying, scheduling and interpreting laboratory testing. This course will greatly enhance understanding of the geotechnical laboratory testing process and typical tests performed.

Course Cost: £250 + VAT per delegate.

Course Location: Brunel University, London.