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Geotechnica - A History

Geotechnica 2009

After its debut in 2009, Geotechnica has gone from strength to strength, with increased interest and visitation year on year.

The planning and development of Geotechnica was first discussed mere months after the conception of Equipe Training Limited by Company Directors Julian Lovell, Keith Spires and Pete Reading. The trio saw a gap in the market for a innovative, relaxed and unique Geotechnical Trade Show and Exhibition and set about devising the birth of the event.

The main aim of the show was always to generate business and interest throughout the Geotechnical and Drilling sectors, with the event hopefully building relationships and contacts between companies, as well as providing an opportunity for sales of new products and equipment. After months of planning and marketing, the inaugural event final took place on the 8th and 9th of July 2009 and was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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geotechnica 2010 image

Geotechnica 2010

Although the event certainly needed a few tweaks and changes, the response from key members and figures within the sector was that the Trade Show and Exhibition was exactly what the industry needed and could possibly serve as a vital cog in the kick-start of business following the financial turmoil of the recession in 2008. Taking heart from this, Equipe began planning for a larger and improved event for 2010.

One of the major changes from 2009 to 2010 was a change of venue – albeit only from one field to a slightly larger and more picturesque one. Nevertheless, the larger field enabled a more suitably sized event, with more exhibitors, demonstrators, speakers and most importantly visitors joining the occasion. The evening networking event also got a re-vamp, with popular tribute band The Mangled Wurzels capping off a fun-filled and enjoyable evening. Geotechnica 2010 boasted over 84 exhibiting organisations, as well as over 600 visitors, making it a bigger success than 2009 by some margin.

Once again, the feedback was overwhelming positive, with a number of companies making sales, building contacts and generating business as a direct consequence of their attendance at the event. Despite the positive feedback, Equipe once again needed to tinker with the format of the event in order to create a more fulfilling experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

Geotechnica 2011

Come 2011, the event had become a staple occasion in many leading industry officials diaries, not only for exhibition purposes, but also for enjoyment. Geotechnica has become synonymous with enjoyment – the relaxed and friendly atmosphere being the key to the success of the event.

2011's event was no disappointment, once again attracting over 600 visitors. When asked to describe Geotechnica 2011 in as few words as possible, there were a number of immensely positive suggestions: 'unique', 'relevant', 'enjoyable', 'ideal', 'quality', 'beneficial' and 'well worth attending' but to name a few. However, possibly the best quote came from Dr Andrew Ridley, Managing Director of Geotechnical Observations: "Geotechnica: Not quite Glastonbury – but it could be!"

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geotechnica 2012 image

Geotechnica 2012

Geotechnica's most recent outing was once again a resounding success, even despite the weather's best efforts to damped spirits. Geotechnica 2012 saw a large number of attendees that maintained the positive, productive and bustling atmosphere that Geotechnica has become synonymous with since the events conception in 2009.

Heavy rainfall on the Tuesday and Wednesday gave way to sunshine on the Thursday that was met with many sets of grateful, open arms. The rainfall on the first day of the exhibition was not enough to dampen the spirits of the many exhibitors and visitors, with large amounts of business being done and productive discussions being had. In fact, any rainy-day-blues that were to be had on the Wednesday were swiftly forgotten by the time the Evening Charity Networking Event came around.

For the first year, the Networking Event on the Wednesday of Geotechnica featured a Battle of the Bands contest, sponsored by Geotechnica Observations. Battling it out for the Winner's Trophy were Chaindogs, Indigo Wolf and The Patsy Gamble Band. After three thoroughly entertaining sets, The Patsy Gamble Band came out on top and were presented with their trophy by a representative of sponsors Geotechnical Observations.

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